Prior to the development of Designer Pre Mix, our sister concreting company had prepared and placed thousands of concreting projects around Melbourne using other concrete suppliers.  As specialists in Exposed Aggregate, we recognised that there was the need for new and innovative mix designs.  We wanted consistently good concrete, we wanted to take the hit and miss out of achieving a faultless finish.  Furthermore, we realised that it is not always possible to plan your concrete requirements 1-2 weeks in advance.  We wanted to form a concrete plant where contractors could have supreme concrete delivered within reasonable time frames. 

The founders of Designer Pre Mix had the passion; knowledge and experience to create a concrete plant that produces the most reliable and predictable concrete available.

"I wish building our house was as easy as organising our driveway through you. Your professionalism was top notch, thanks a lot."
Mike Baxter, Epping VIC