Designer Pre Mix is the only concrete supply company that is environmentally focused and offers an exposed aggregate clean and capture system.  Traditionally in exposed aggregate, the process to expose the aggregate in the concrete involves high pressure cleaning the top layer of the concrete that has had a surface retarder sprayed onto the surface.  Unfortunately, the wash off from the concrete can flow down drains, gutters, pits and pipes possibly causing blockages and polluting our waterways if correct drain protective procedures are not in place.

Our unique clean and capture system eliminates the need for high pressure cleaning.  The unit removes the top layer of chemically retarded concrete, exposing a perfectly finished exposed aggregate without the mess.  This system can be of particular benefit when exposing concrete in small areas, basement car parks, driveways or indoors. Please contact Designer Pre Mix for advice and pricing.

"The team at Designer Premix were great, they worked hard to meet my needs, and ensured I got what I was after. I'll be back."
John Getty, Mt Waverley VIC