1. Can all concreters place exposed aggregate concrete?

    No, the process to achieve an even and flawless finish is quite complex and we recommend that you use one of our experienced preferred contractors.

    We frequently run education courses about achieving the perfect exposed aggregate finish.If you are interested in receiving any further education please contact Brad Howe.

  1. What Exposed Aggregate surface retarder do you recommend?

    We recommend the use of Prime Exposure surface retarder. We offer a free service to come and spray the retarder on the concrete surface at the appropriate time in the curing process. If you would like to make use of this offer please contact our technical support crew on 0433 993 425.

  1. What maintenance is required for decorative concrete?

    We suggest that that you seal the surface regularly to protect the porous finish of the aggregate against staining and the elements.Sealing the decorative concrete allows the natural colours of the pebbles and aggregates to shine through.

  1. What can go wrong?

    Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with concrete selection and placement.This is why it is suggested to use a respected and experienced contractor to complete your project. Issues with drainage and fall of the land can be very complex and very difficult to rectify if completed incorrectly. We offer an onsite consultation with contractors or clients if requested to give appropriate advice and guidance.We started out as concreters and believe we know all there is to know about concrete placement.

"The team at Designer Premix were great, they worked hard to meet my needs, and ensured I got what I was after. I'll be back."
John Getty, Mt Waverley VIC